Halter's collar improves cattle well-being

Halter's collar uses sound to warn cattle when they are approaching a farmer-set virtual boundary. Usually cows instinctively retreat, the audio is heavy effective and enough for them to turn away. If a cow continues to cross the boundary, it will receive an intermittent electric pulse. This electric pulse will quickly turn off once the collar assesses the cow's trajectory back to their allocated area. 

The shock, while enough to stop a bull, is less than that of an electric fence. With our company having its roots in farming, we are committed to animal welfare; our collar gives only as much shock to control the animal, not to harm it. In fact, as the sound becomes associated with the shock, most cows learn to retreat from the sound within the first hour of wearing the collar. 

Most importantly, Halter's collar enables...


Smaller social herds

  • more dominant cows can be easily separated from the herd
  • smaller herds are natural social groups for cows

Better grazing

  • cows can easily be directed to strip-graze
  •  ensures all cows graze equally
  • increases cattle's ability to feed
  • improves grass regeneration

More freedom

  • cows no longer need to be herded all together, smaller group herding less stressful for cows
  • cows can be remotely monitored, less disturbance required

Cow-Riparian Protection


Cows can easily be protected from waterways. Halter's collar can be used to set permanent boundaries near waterways, ensuring no harm to cattle in flooding seasons or by steep banks. This exclusion of cattle from flowing water also ensures riparian rights, any water pollution caused by cows prevented.