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Control your cows from anywhere.


Technology for a smarter farm

Putting you in the driving seat

We provide a herd management and virtual fence solution that reduces a complex and time-consuming job to just a few swipes of a screen.



Our custom-developed neck band, or Hoop, is solar powered and GPS-enabled. It uses audio cues to direct cows to stay within a predefined (and alterable) perimeter, or guide them to a set location.


Our team of farmers and leading tech developers have created Helm, an app that uses our unique “Cowgorithm” technologies. It will give you valuable insights and real time data to help you make informed decisions.


Control. Of your herd, your farm and your life.

Take back your day

Halter enables you to move your cows automatically without you needing to walk behind them for hours. Imagine getting an extra hour of sleep and meeting the cows at the milk shed, or setting up a break fence in seconds, or drafting a lame cow without leaving the house. Instead of walking behind, you can spend your time on things that matter most on the farm.

Increase milk production

Since farming started profitability has been constrained by labour. This means that farmers have settled for sub-optimal grazing techniques. Through the use of Halter’s technology we can allow you to treat each cow as an individual animal rather than part of a herd, so you can ensure each cow is receiving the optimal amount of feed and can drastically increase milk production.

Protect our environment

We are fortunate to live in a beautiful world and at Halter we want to keep it that way. We know farmers don’t want to hurt the environment but being compliant is a tough and on-going exercise. By having the ability to adjust boundaries and monitor every cow's position we can make it much easier to look after your patch of the world and minimise the adverse effects on the environment.

Keep cows healthy

Healthier cows are the goal - we know that if the cows are happy, farmers are happy. Halter puts you on the front foot, alerting you if a cow is lame, calving or on heat. We ensure that cows are kept away from waterways and keep tabs on all their vital health indicators to ensure they aren’t stressed. By monitoring the cows and keeping them happy we can prevent undue losses or injury to your herd.


Developed for farmers by farmers

Here's how Halter works on the farm:

Halter will automatically bring the main herd to the cow shed for milking at 4:20am every morning.


After milking, the herd is shifted to paddock 03 without you walking behind them.

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Easily set break feed boundaries by drawing a line across the paddock to optimise your pasture management.


Halter alerts you that that cow 31 is walking slower than usual and hasn't been as active as normal.

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Using Halter collar you can reroute her so she's nearby when the farmer is available.

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Halter establishes boundaries around waterways which means you don't have to worry about fences.


About Us


In 2016, when we started developing our automated, easily-configurable fenceless farming technology, we set out to make farms smarter, and farmers better off. Because we’ve walked in your shoes, we feel a sense of responsibility to provide something that makes a genuine impact on lives. We don’t just promise a virtual fencing system that’s better than the rest, we deliver on every level. Our offering doesn’t stop at an innovative, user-friendly product; we also provide a comprehensive after-sale support service.

Talk to us now about taking control: of your herd, your farm, your life.

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Craig Piggott

CEO & Founder


Peter Beck

Independent Director
CEO, Rocket Lab


Mike Collett

Investor Director
Managing Partner, Promus Ventures

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Headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand

Field Development in Morrinsville, New Zelaland


Halter is a privately funded company

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General Application


Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if the cow doesn’t respond to the sound?

If a cow crosses a boundary it receives an intermittent electric pulse. Cows learn to associate the audio cue with the pulse. Within an hour, the average cow learns the cues, and can be herded remotely.

Are you signing pilot farms?

Yes, we are. Fill in the form here to apply to join the Halter pilot farm programme.

How strong is the pulse?

The pulse is a quarter of that of an electric fence - directing the cow back to the set perimeter. This pulse is only used as a training tool until the cow responds to audio cues.